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I was recently approached to do a review of the web hosting related website – At first I thought this was a web hosting website but it is actually a blog that dives into the best of web hosting companies.

I’ve seen plenty of blogs that like to whip together a few posts and call themselves a web hosting blog, this site appears to go a lot further in putting together detailed information about many different web hosting outfits so that the user can determine which hosting firm will best suit their needs. Although not a site I will bookmark, or perhaps even ever visit again, I found it quite informative. I learned that the Best Ecommerce Hosting Company is not what I thought it would be.

I was surprised to see POWWEB listed as #2 in the Top 5 Budget Hosting companies. When I built my first website, I hosted it on POWWEB and thought they sucked. Maybe if you need a dedicated server, or only have one site you’re running.

There were other articles that stood out such as the one that talks about Top Small Business Web Hosting.

As for the layout of the blog, I found it easy to navigate and plenty of archives to read from. For a webmaster who may be in the market for a new web host, is an excellent blog to read through.

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