Maintaining a Directory

As I’ve posted in the past, I maintain a couple of different directories. Some are more popular than others, just as some are more strict about the quality/type of sites that are submitted. I can expect several dozen website submissions a day, and if I let a few days go by without maintenance, it can easily get out of control.

That is exactly what happened, and before long there were over 4000 links waiting to be accepted into this directory. I have been putting in a lot of time on it, and now I’m gaining on them. The list of pending sites is down around 3000. I have to work on them every day to keep narrowing the list down.

I have decided that I will be even more selective with the sites I permit. Some of the things that I have decided on, and have implemented are:
1. Site titles that are just keywords, will not be accepted.
2. Titles/descriptions all in caps will not be accepted.
3. I’ve become very picky with sites related to health care, as these generally turn quickly to MFA sites.
4. I’ve been working to market the featured links more. Now that most of the categories have a decent PR, is is not reasonable to shell out a few bucks for a good PR link. A featured link keeps you on the front page and gets you approved normally within 24 hours.

I will keep working hard on this, and I’ve decided I’m not going to stress out about catching up. It’s a free directory and provides a great service to those wishing to improve their website popularity. People shouldn’t expect a free directory to maintain high quality standards, and ultra-quick approval at the same time. Right?

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