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VBulletin Licensing

Wednesday, February 25th, 2009

I recently learned a valuable lesson regarding VBulletin forum script licensing. A couple of years ago, I started a forum using the VBulletin script. I paid for the license and everything was fine, then recently I decided to cut bait with the forum. I needed some cash so I unloaded it at a near give-away price.

When I sold the site and attempted to transfer the license, I ran into trouble. I learned that even though I bought and paid for a full license, in order to transfer the license I had to be “current”. My active status expired 1 year after purchasing the license. I had to shell out more $$ to get the license active again, so that I could transfer the license.

A valuable lesson indeed, rather a costly one as I more or less gave the site away.

PR Update Plugin for PHPLD

Saturday, August 18th, 2007

For well over a year I’ve been interested in a mod for PHPLD 3.0+ that will update the page rank values for all the links. I’ve looked into it in the past, and couldn’t find anything I didn’t have to pay for. My search ended today as I was reading a post on Alive Blog about sorting a directory by order of page rank, and it mentioned the phpLD PR Update Tool. I followed the link and came to the Jago Harry Blog (Another quality Wordpress theme by Brian Gardner by the way!)

Anyway, I downloaded this Mod, took ten minutes to go through the install and whoala! A new quick, easy, and best of all, FREE PR update mod for my directories!

Contact Form on Joomla….ARGHHHH!!!

Thursday, January 18th, 2007

On one of my sites, I decided to go with Joomla. I liked the idea of Joomla because of the ease of installation, plus it was an overall fit for the site theme.

One of the problems I am encountering is making the contact form functional. It seems as though no matter the functions I choose, nothing will work. I have to suspect that my host, Dreamhost has something to do with it.
Joomla Email Contact Form
I went to their wiki, and found some good examples. However, I set things up as shown in my image and the mail never get to me. I have tried several different email addresses on different servers, and nothing works. This will prove to be an ongoing dilemma and more than likely will be posting again on it!

Snap Preveiw

Tuesday, January 2nd, 2007

Snap Preview

Several days ago, I came across a site (I don’t recall where) and noticed the new service by Snap. It’s a link preview box that opens when you hover over an active external link from a website.

I liked this feature. I think it adds something that benefits the viewer of your site.

I was amazed at how simple this feature is to add to your site.

To get this working on your site, all you have to do is visit the Snap website, enter your url and a valid email address then you are given a code to place before your /head tag.

I have since added this feature to several of my sites, including this one.

One More Forum

Friday, December 29th, 2006

Union Chat

Going against everything I talked about in previous posts, and as if I had any extra time on my hands, I started another forum.

I contemplated using PHPbb script, in order to keep the cost down but decided that I’m going to go all out and do it right so I bought another VBulletin license. The new board is geared towards Labor Unions and the url is

I am also using the Chestnut style, created by Allan. I have decided that I will be adding a link directory with this as well.