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Affiliate Marketing and Search Arbitrage

Saturday, February 10th, 2007

For those that know me well, I made a small fortune last year with Search Arbitrage. Perhaps I’ll go into details in another post, but for now I’ll share this video with you.

Pepperjam CEO Kris Jones discusses how Google Adwords and others are adjusting to the market. I have noticed these changes, and as a result I have suffered tremendous financial hardship because of it.

I’ve been tagged

Friday, February 2nd, 2007

It seems as though more people are tagging each other, and their blogs. Calling on the blogger to spill some info about themselves that they might not otherwise publish in their blogs. Here I will spill some things about me, that the vast majority of those who read would never know.

First, I’d like to thank David Adams for tagging me and challenging me to come up with five things about me.

1. The Beginning
My first website I even ran was my old Blogspot blog. This was a few years ago now. I would post articles I wrote about politics, reviews and general rants. David helped give me the push I needed to add a brick in the foundation of my web empire that is steadily growing.

2. Military
I am a proud veteran of the US Navy of ten years. I enlisted directly after graduation of high school. To this day, I think that my enlistment in the Navy was the best decision I have made.

I currently work in manufacturing, and work in the electrical maintenance field. I am currently in a hands on/supervisory position and am not entirely happy where I work. I am currently seeking employment elsewhere.

4. The Family
I am married, happily I might add, and have been for going on six years. I have three wonderful children. My children have recently discovered the internet and I find them obsessing with it just as I do.

5. The Future
What the future holds for me, I am not sure. A part of me would love nothing more than to manage my websites all day, and be paid handsomely for it. The realist in me understands that this may not happen for quite some time. Slow and steady wins the race. I have seen my profits slowly creep upward, and on time will tell if I can maintain that.